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        At ISAACSON AND STEIN FISH CO. the different varieties of fish are attractively displayed for customers to choose from, just like open-air markets in Europe. Instead of having to ask a vendor to select the fish for them, customers are allowed to select the fish for themselves using their bare (rubber-gloved) hands. A knowledgeable staff of salespeople is always on hand to help customers who need assistance. Free filleting services on the premises make the customer experience even more convenient.

A significant amount of ISAACSON AND STEIN FISH CO.’s products is sushi-grade and restaurant-quality. That explains why some of city's best restaurantsare regular clients. The absence of a middleman at ISAACSON AND STEIN FISH CO. enables customers to get wholesale prices in a retail environment.

No other company offers the same quality,value, selection, freshness, and overall customer experience that customers receive at ISAACSON AND STEIN FISH CO. The company carries more than 200 different varieties of fresh and frozen fish, which are imported from all over the world. Shipments arrive daily and are sold to either wholesale or retail businesses.

In the retail store, customers can choose from nearly 75 different varieties of fresh fish and seafood.
 All major credit cards and Link are accepted.

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Erin C. , 16 Oct 2010
I was looking for some Alaskan King crab legs and lump crab meat for my anniversary dinner this weekend, and decided to head down to Isaacson & Stein....
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